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In addition to vast cultural and historical heritage, Split is also one of the best places to enjoy a warm sunny day at the beach. The majority of Croatian beaches have the blue flag rating, guaranteeing water quality, safety and services, and the Adriatic Sea is one of the cleanest seas in Europe. Split has a variety of beaches for everybody’s taste, from the most popular sandy Bačvice beach, over pebbled and rocky beaches to those that are covered in concrete, this is one of the perfect places to wind down, relax and recharge your batteries.


Here are some that are well worth the visit;


The brightest gem of all our beach is, Bačvice is the most famous and the most visited beach in the city. This sandy, shallow beach is perfectly located almost in the city centre and is the birth place of Picigin. Picigin is a water sport recently put on UNESCO’s non-material heritage list. It is played in the shallows by hitting a small ball with your palm within a group of people, not allowing it to hit the water and keeping it in the air as long as possible. The ball used is actually a peeled and polished tennis ball. Every year in June since 2005, the Picigin World Cup is held at Bačvice Beach.

The beach also features a concrete part, and is surrounded by a variety of cute little cafes and restaurants, most visited being the Žbirac café located right above the main, sandy part.


A beautiful rocky beach located at the southwestern slopes of Marjan hill, Kašjuni is one of the most beautiful places to be at sunset. The beach is around 2,5km away from the city centre, accessible by car, bus, walk, but also by boat that goes every hour from Matejuška pier.

There are a couple of beach and lounge bars along the coast where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a refreshing drink or a cocktail of choice. The bars also rent loungers, and it is possible to rent a kayak or a paddle board too.


Bene beach is one of the oldest beaches in Split, and it is located inside Park Forest Marjan, on the western slopes. A lot of shade is provided by the pine trees of the forest, which is not very common on the beaches located within Split itself. If you are a sporty, recreational type, this beach is perfect for you, as it is located along the jogging trail on Marjan, and not accessible by car. It is also possible to rent a bike and ride it to the beach.

There is a sports centre and a café right next to the beach, as well as a restaurant in case you get hungry.


Quite a small, pebbled beach, but a beach with spirit nonetheless. Located just around the corner from Bačvice, it is a bit quieter and not as crowded.

What this beach is special about is a couple of shaded tables located right below the pine tree forest. If you want to experience some local culture first-hand, come to Ovčice beach, and you will see local men gathering at these tables all day every day to hang out, have some drinks and play games such as chess, or traditional dalmatian card games, Briškula and Trešeta.


A little outside of the centre, Žnjan is an extremely popular spot both with tourists and locals. Mostly covered in rocks and pebbles, it features a children’s park, as well as a few bars and restaurants for refreshments.