Diocletian Palace - Golden Gate

Golden Gate

What used to be the main entrance to the Palace is now a grandiose archway. Its original name was Porta septemtrionalis – The Northern Gate, and they bore the name of Roman Gates during the middle ages.

It is believed that Diocletian, the Emperor himself, walked through these gates to enter the Palace on June 1st, 305 AD. They lead through the roman Cardo street towards the main square, from the direction of ancient Salona. Nowadays, they lead out towards Strossmayer’s Park and the Art Gallery.

The Gate was built with a defensive courtyard, called propugnaculum, with an outside and an inside door. It was renamed to the Golden Gate in the 16th century by Venetians, and contrary to popular belief, it is not made of gold. But what is golden is the toe of Gregory of Nin’s statue, located by the gate.