Diocletian Palace - Peristil Square

Peristil Square

Peristil Square is the beating and very much alive heart of the Old Town. On Peristil square, you can find the most picturesque antique scenery combined with a dash of modernity.

In ancient times, the Emperor would emerge from his quarters and his subjects would approach him to celebrate him as the living son of Jupiter by kneeling down and kissing the hem of his cloak or falling in front of him, full body to the ground.

Today, the Peristil Square, owing to its unique beauty and unusual acoustics, became the ideal theatre scenery, perfect for opera classics and works of ancient literature, but also the stage where abundant urban life continues.

During the tourist season, starting end of May, a daily show held at noon under the name “Change of the Diocletian’s Roman Guard” revives history. It is a project in which the Emperor and Empress will greet all those gathered at the Peristyle Square at noon every day this year, along with the Roman Praetorians.
The residents of Split find the square not only the center of town but the center of the world. So, take a deep breath, take your time, and have a cup of coffee on the steps of the squares, overlooked by a near-4000-year-old Egyptian Sphynx, and experience one of the closest touches modern-day people can have with ancient times.