Diocletian Palace - Silver Gate

Silver Gate

The second of four main entry points to the Palace, the silver gate leads from the Palace to the nearby Green Market and offers a gorgeous view of the old exposed palace wall, the belltower, and the old paved main street of the palace called Decumanus.

The original name was Porta orientalis – The Eastern Gate. This gate was walled up from the middle ages, all the way until 1952 when they were opened up and reconstructed. During the time they were walled up, the Venetians opened Mala vrata (engl. The Small Gate) right next to it, and they still stand to this day.

The newer history that places this entrance in a special place of Split residents’ hearts took place in the year 2000. when Pope John Paul II passed through these gates, admiring the beauty of the ancient cathedral of St. Domnius.