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Split - The Western Coast

West Coast

The western coast of Split has undergone a renovation about a decade ago, and it is now completely paved with the famous Brač stone.

Along the promenade, right by the sea, bronze plaques are installed, displaying the names and surnames of Olympic medalists, along with the year and city of the Olympic Games, type of medal, and stylized depiction of the sport. These plaques are arranged chronologically, starting from the first Olympic medal won by Split athletes.

The western coast has become a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike, who can enjoy the sun, cafes, and restaurants. With a length of over 600 meters, it is an ideal spot for leisurely walks. The coast is also a popular mooring place for luxurious yachts that visit during the season, and just across from the western coast is the ACI Marina, adding to the maritime charm of the area.

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